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Maria intends to have a Hoodoo crew cement rocks in place in the pool walls. The stone mason recently cemented some rocks in pools 1 and 2, and Maria has said she intends to use cement when remodeling pools 2, 3 and 4. This modeling has begun and is expected to be completed around June 30.

From talking with her about this issue, I gather that she has two reasons for wanting the rocks cemented in place, both having to do with making it easier to clean. She currently has the pool cleaning contract. Pool cleaning is a two-person job done weekly or biweekly for which she is paid.

Reasons in favor of cement:

1. It takes time and effort to replace rocks that are displaced by misguided visitors or vandals.

2. Crevices between rocks harbor smelly muck.

Greg opposes using cement in the pools because it is unneccessary and so many people don't want it. Because it's unneccessary, cement will detract from the aesthetic quality of the Springs, making the experience there less relaxing and therefore less healing. Many visitors to Cougar have expressed opposition to the idea of putting cement in the pool walls.  In a 2005 survey of Friends of Cougar members, 97% voted "No" to this item: "Unnatural elements in the pools area (e.g. concrete cement in the pool walls)." For decades, mud and moss have been used to seal the walls.

Reasons in opposition of cement:

1. Replacing rocks is worth the effort, because rocks without cement is more aesthetically pleasing and provides a living, natural hot spring where rocks can be moved and changed in a positive manner.

2. The fact that muck is there is nothing to worry about. If it's stuck in the crevices, we know it's not in the pool.


You are invited to express your opinion on this matter. Please do!

Do you want the pool wall rocks to be cemented in place?



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